Scheduled for May 4, 2024, the Miami Marlins are set to clash with the Oakland Athletics at Oakland Coliseum starting at 4:07 PM, under conditions of moderate rain.

Trevor Rogers will lead the pitching for the Marlins, carrying an ERA of 4.309, while Paul Blackburn takes the mound for the Athletics with a 3.343 ERA.

The Marlins find themselves at the bottom of the 2024 NL East Division with a record of 6-24, reflecting a winning percentage of 0.20. They are ranked fifth within their division from 10 matches, with a 1-9 divisional record. Their performance trend shows a struggle with only 2 wins in the recent 10 games, including a current 7-game losing streak. At home, their record dips to 2-15, but they fare slightly better on the road with 4 wins from 13 attempts, maintaining a stronger showing during daytime games with a 4-2 record. The Marlins have scored 104 runs but have conceded 168.

Contrastingly, the Athletics are positioned 12th in the 2024 AL West Division with a 13-17 win-loss ratio, marking a 0.43 winning percentage. They rank third in their division, managing a 2-1 divisional record. Recent outings show improvement with 5 victories in their last 10 encounters, complemented by a 2-game winning streak. Their home record stands at 5-9, with a balanced 8-8 performance on the road. The Athletics tend to excel in daytime games, winning 9 out of 13. The team has accumulated 89 runs and has given up 128 runs.