On May 10, 2024, an intriguing clash is set to take place at Fenway Park as the Washington Nationals take on the Boston Red Sox at 7:10 PM under overcast skies. Starting on the mound for the Nationals will be Patrick Corbin, who comes into the game with an ERA of 6.451. The Red Sox will counter with Tanner Houck, who brings a stellar ERA of 1.985 to the contest.

In the 2024 NL East Division, the Nationals hold the 8th spot with a 50% win ratio (18-18), while in divisional play they are currently 4th with a record of 5-2. Their performance over the last 10 games shows a strong form, securing 6 victories despite a recent loss. The Nationals have a split record of 7-10 at home and 11-8 on the road. Their total run score stands at 151, with 159 runs allowed.

Conversely, the Boston Red Sox are positioned 9th in the 2024 AL East Division, boasting a similar 19-18 record. Their divisional struggles are evident with no wins and three losses. The team’s last 10 games reflect a mix of results with 5 wins, and they are currently on a two-game losing streak. At Fenway Park, the Red Sox have a 7-9 record, but show a slightly better performance on the road with 12-9. They’ve scored 164 runs this season, conceding 130.

From a betting perspective, odds feature a Points Spread of -1.5 favoring the Red Sox, with a total Over/Under set at 8.5 runs. For money line bettors, the Red Sox are favored with a -203 against the Nationals’ +169. These odds reflect the Red Sox’s slight edge, particularly given Houck’s low ERA compared to Corbin’s, influencing predictions towards a likely victory for the home team under challenging conditions.